Dennis Hercules is the soul shaker of Amsterdam. A musician in mind, body and soul
he got introduced to House music by his Brothers and Sisters. After being taken to house
parties all over Holland in multiple styles he discovered he could be a house producer.
After graduating from the SAE he took the time to find his way.
By organizing events, producing different music styles and performing as a DJ
on different parties, he finally was able to find his own musical House style.
Fun house with a soulful twist. The soul shaker is here.

What’s more to say about him: Born in Amsterdam in 1981 and Jason Hope, people soon understood
Dennis to be a true musical talent. He started to play the piano at age 7 and soon he
performed in Church recitals, musicals and school performances.

In the early 90’s when the House music became the most popular music scene in Holland,
Dennis Hercules started to make his own mixes with audiotapes.
While this was very difficult he managed to get results and people were asking him for mix-tapes.
At age 15 he wnet to his good friend Yoeri Groen who had real DJ equipment in the basement
and he began teaching Dennis Hercules the ground rules of DJ mixing. A star was born.

In his first years of dj-ing he got involved with other young dj’s.
Like Daniel Sanches, They lived in the same city, skated on the streets, and were making music.
Daniel made a good career in the mnml industry with his party’s Rotzooii and record label BlahBlahBlah.
After a while Dennis Hercules bought a Roland Keyboard and started to make his own productions.
At first just to experiment with different sounds which he used to take his music to another level.
His interpretation is hard driving and funky, filled with soul. Adding melodic strings
with a clear focus on the dance floor.

In his last year of school in 2002 he performed at his stage at Yoursscene.
This was a big network with al kind of music organizations. BG-Magazine,
Partysscene (Juriaan Bakker, now at Blend magazine), Ace bookings,
(dj Cleon Macnack), Belivers (Henk Witteveen founder of FFWD, Loveland)
At school he was giving party’s to new students. On the last night of acquaintance
he showed that making music would bring you to a whole new level.

When he graduated in 2002 he gave a big Booming Party in Amsterdam’s
the Catacombe with three other dj’s in his class.

In 1999 he started a DJ group called the Hillywood brothers.
Together with Lorerzo Kurizu, he played on different parties in Hilversum.
Their style was Funky, Jazzy and a lot of love. After a while Lorenzo
went his own way, and made some nice productions on different record labels.
After Lorenzo went Dennis got involved with Mike Lano, who has great DJ skills
and a good taste of electronic music. On parties around the Holland Dennis got involved
with Mc Brown who had a lot of vocal experience in English and American productions
as well as live on stage. They played for six months every Friday night on BoomBoom breaking beats
on 77.8 FM radio.Dennis Hercules began to work at a DJ record store in Hilversum.
He was responsible for the distribution of records and started to know the industry.

From the store out He started a Party called NOT (Night Of Techno) with National and International DJ’s.
Every other month he launched a Minimal party where people are still talking about today
because it was so fresh. He brought DJ’s like’s like Daniel Dreier, Bart skills, Shinedoe, Jerome,
Jason and the Argonauts, Lauhaus, Daniel and Juan Sanches.

In Coupers Cafe he started a weekly night called minimal-X-press for local DJ talents
who wanted to perform and learn before an audience. This was one of the first Mnimal parties
in the Netherlands, even in Amsterdam it was hard to find this new scene.

In 2006 Dennis started a course at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam.
He graduated together with Tim Wolf a big DJ in the dance scene nowadays.
2 years in a row Dennis arranged the music at the 2days beach volleyball tournament
with DJ’s like Skizofrenic, Decane and Cruz, Florian Rath.

He Played on BunBuk in Heilo, and several Parties in The Netherlands.

The first 12 inches Dennis bought where from Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Carl Cox, Juan Atkins,
Kevin Saunderson, Stacy Pullen Joey Beltram. Detroit Techno is a big influence at him.

Nowadays DJ’s like Joey Negro, Dennis Ferrer, Quentin Harris,
are the influences he has to complete his musical journey.